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If you have chosen a made-to-measure curing chamber made by HS Anlagentechnik, then you have already found an economical solution for the intermediate storage of your concrete products. Customers of HS Anlagentechnik who want to save costs right from the start can also decide to do the assembly themselves – the HS-Unit System offers ideal conditions, because installation is easy and safe.

System elements adapted precisely to one another make installation easy and safe. The basic component of the HS-Unit System is the galvanized steel frame, which consists of several steel supports, formed as C-profiles and available in various dimensions: 80 - 200 (width) x 50 (depth) x 3 mm (material thickness), according to requirement. The connection between the steel supports (support profiles) and the pallet bearers (bearer profiles) is made by means of the Snap-In connection. The steel supports are joined at the correct width spacing by means of the frame binder. After erection, a roof construction can be assembled on the upper frame binder resp. braced frame U 100, if required.

Stable clamps are pressed story distance apart, for hanging up the pallet bearers. The conical form avoids destructive movements of the pallet bearers during loading and unloading of the chambers. The upper part of the clamp (suspension) is beaded for prevention of bending down, even under higher loading. Above the cramps a peg is pressed in. This holds the pallet bearer (bearer profile) in place.

The pallet bearers are made of hot dip galvanized steel strip, cold rolled to match HS special profile. They have a very high bearing capacity and the 80 mm width offers a good supporting surface with alignment of the pallets. The pallet bearers are slotted according to the screen measurements. They grip into the two clamps of the steel support (snap-in connection), effecting a stable connection. The numerous connections, resulting from the number of stories, provide the total structure with an extremely high rigidity.

The pallet bearers (bearer profiles) are made in lengths up to 9 meters. In total they make up the length of the entire construction group. The lateral pallet guide prevents the loaded boards from hitting the steel supports (support profiles). Loading and unloading can be carried out fully automatically with great precision due to the wide support with centering slant.

Step-by-Step Building Kit

Step 1/9

The length of the curing chambers is divided into structural groups. Every group consists of several galvanized steel frames, each of which is an individual absolutely sturdy unit for itself and statically steadfast on its own.

HS Anlagentechnik offers you four assembly combinations that can be combined in different configurations.

The figure shows the curing chamber from the front.

Step 2/9

Installation aids are supplied for erection of the structural groups. These are short pallet bearers which are exactly as long as the screen measure.

Before commencing the construction,the concrete slobs must be inspected and fhe required centres (centre sliding gantry, front edge of the chamber ond the minimum chamber path centre) according to drawing must be determined ond identified.

Step 3/9

First the steel columns of one Frame are placed on the ground. The clamps of the Snap-in connection are to the inside. The closed sides of the C-profile are in direction of the chamber entrance. In order to ensure an installation of the stiffening profiles without problems, care should be taken to the installation direction (acc. to drawing) and the sub positions of the Frame elements.

Now, the plugs of the lower ond upper Frame connectors are hammered into the C-profiles with a plastic hammer.

Step 4/9

Then, the first frame can be erected ond temporarily put into place using support profiles. Now, the second frame is premounted on the floor, erected and connected with the First one by means of the installation aids.

This woy, as many fromes are erected one after the ather until the structural group is completely installed.

The amount of frames necessary for one structurol unit varies depending on the project and is subject to the pallet bearers which connect all frames of each structural unit.

Step 5/9

The pallet bearer for the first stories (up to approx. 2 metres in height) can now be installed. This is easily done by means of snap-in connection using pressure or a plastic hammer. Care must be taken that each connection snaps in

While inserting the pallet bearers, the installation aids are taken out and used for the next structural group.

Step 6/9

After lateral correction the group must be levelled. Levelling is done by turning the bolts in the lower frame up to the necessary level, after underlaying with metal strips (in the inside frame columns one odjusting bolt is located on the left side and one on the right side, in the outside columns there is only one adjusting bolt).

Step 7/9

Then, the still missing pallet bearers are inserted into the structural group. For providing the upper stories wlth pallet bearers, boards are distributed on the last alreody installed pallet bearers in order to ensure safe working.

While inserting the pallet bearers, the installation aids are taken out and used for the next structurol group.

Step 8/9

After the first group has been checked for the vertical stand for the column, group by group are installed until the entire chamber system is complete

The individual groups are bolted to the steal columns as well as to the braced frame U 100. The braced frame U 100 provides the entire stucure with additonal self-stability and steadfastness.

Now, further stiffening angles are fastened in the side walls and rear wall. Cross bracings are fastened in the roof level.

The support profiles can now be removed. Fastening of the building wall is not necessary. Stabilising supports are not necessary

Step 9/9

The installation of the rails in the chambers is performed by welding to the fasteners in the lower frame binder. Upon request we also offer an installation method by means clamping plates. However, this must be clarified.

After rails installation, again, a fine levelling should take place. The, the entire chamber system can be filled with concrete acc. to drawing.

Assemble it yourself

The chamber system and the snapin-connections offer the best conditions for fast, safe assembly or selfassembly and, hence, a saving on costs. Our assembly instructions provide valuable help here.

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